About Us

Our Approach

Our quirky style of Photography combined with the vivid and lively barrage of colours is the key differentiating factor from the rest in the industry.
By taking limited weddings in a month, we ensure that every single wedding is documented in the finest way possible. We are specialised to capture artistically different unique moments that the couple wish to be present in the memories.

Our Working Style

# Plan together with the bride and groom

# Discuss the shots in advance to avoid the last minute hic-cups

# Set up locations ahead of time

# Be there at every event before time to get adjusted to the venue

# Meet the family members to get familiarity

# Showcase different styles of photography and cinematography so the shoot could de directioned accordingly

Our Story

Our passion of producing the best and uncovering the unique capturing angles has been the team forte. Rahul coupled with efforts of Ashu, Joginder and Pradeep for their amazing eye view to capture the best candid snaps, we form a very balanced team to produce the best results. Manvir and Siddhant on the managing and creative front take the responsibility of systems to produce unmatched deliveries and producing high results.

Meet the Team

We have fortunate enough to string an extremely well balanced core team where every member is a leader of the particular vertical and gets to work with their junior counterparts.

Rahul Manchanda

Cinematic Lead

Rahul has had a video camera in his hand from the last decade and it is him who studies the event and the site from the roots to produce the most attractive wedding films.

Ashu Garg

Candid Lead

A talented individual with the expertise of capturing close candid moments into his camera which turn out into memories forever.

Joginder Singh

Candid Lead

His expertise lies in fusion of candid and quirky photography with his richness of performance to be able to quickly analyse the conditions and produce smiling results.

Pradeep Raghav

Candid Lead

He has experience of working with some of the best banners in India and he brings the vitality in candid performance by having to craft unique poses and theme photography for the bride and the groom.

Hemant Gosain

Traditional Lead

It is only 100% important to capture moments from the traditional ‘Ok, smile please’ to now the fusion of cinema and traditional video. Hemant’s background of shooting traditional videos brings immense stability and variety to the team.

Manvir Singh

Managing Director

Manvir and his passion of uncovering the different and new from the roots helps the team to work on multiple strategies and think from wider angles. His vision to make the Pixel Wires the lime light of the industry can be well noted with the parameters of work at the organisation. Ensuring sales, core deliveries and client satisfaction are the principles at work that he works on.

Siddhant Paul

Creative Director

Siddhant’s knowledge and experience of developing creative inputs for wedding films, pre- wedding films, e-invites, candid photography and editing is a core USP which instills within the team a creative strategist. Ensuring that the data being served to the customer is fresh, creative, well thought of and interesting is what he primarily works on.

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